Culture, Politics & Religion

V. K. Gokak


An Exchange

Yogesh G. Nair


The use of myth in Raja Rao’s “The Serpent and the Rope”


Mrs. Ratna Shiela Mani. K.

Wanted Another Buddha

Kulwant Singh Gill


Revelation as Epic narrative: Epic Poetry East and West


Prof M. V. Rama Sarma

Sun and Myself          

Narenderpal Singh


Modem Telugu Literature Perspectives and prospects


Prof. G. Sundara Reddy

The Brodskyan World

Sibabrata Das


Agony of Flower

Translated By Shiak Hussian


Christie and Johnny

V. Rama Murthy


Arnold Wesker’s “Chicken Soup With Barley”: A Study


Gouri Shankar Hota

The British Legacy in India

G. Somaseshu


G. D. Birla -An Indefatigable Optimist

K. S. Ramanujam


Life, The Lily Maiden       

Prof V. K. Gokak



C. Jacob


Swan Song

C. Vedavathi


Love Deffered



Religion: The Indian Understanding

S. Mohanty


Indianness in Indian English Poetry

V. S. V. L. Ramana


Literary Art and Morality

Marvel A. Bari


Tagore’s Mysticism

J. L. Chamundeswari Devi


Jinnah’s Opposition To Gandhi in The Quit India Movement


Dr. Ch. M. Naidu


Gokak’s Ministry of letters

K. R. Srinivasa Iyenger


Book Reviews